Heather Sabol, MS, PA-C

Available for appointments at this location:


264 Boyden Ave,
Maplewood, NJ 07040

P: 973-761-5200

Professional Profile

Years in Practice: 

  • 8



  • Clara Maass Medical Center
  • St. Barnabas Medical Center
  • Select Specialty Hospital
  • Alaris Health at Belgrove
  • Columbus LTACH


  • Member, American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA)



  • Seton Hall University


    • Masters’ Thesis: Development of a System to Measure Cardiac Function in the Drosophilia Melanogaster Animal Model (May 2006)
    • Hu CL, Gao S, Hong C, Liu H, Tian Y, Reinhardt H, Ishikawa Y, Vatner SF, Vatner DE (2007). Augmentation of Cardiac Function in Response to Pressure Overload in Transgenic Mice with a Cardiac-Specific Expression of Adenylyl Cyclase Type 2. American Heart Association. Scientific Sessions: Novel Modulators of Hypertrophic Responses in the Heart. Orlando, FL.
    • Hu CL, Gao S, Hong C, Lui J, Reinhardt H, Holle E, Wagner TE, Vatner DE, Vatner SF (2007) Effects of Altered Levels of Adenylyl Cyclase Type 5 in Cardiac Myocytes from Cjimeric Mice. American Heart Association. Scientific Sessions: Molecular Basis of Hypertrophy III. Orlando, FL.
    • Jean-Guillaume Dillinger, Jeffrey G Williams, Sabrina Serpillon, Brian Barrows, Heather Reinhardt, Bijan Ghaleh, Luc Hittinger, David Chess, William C Stanely, Thomas H Hintze, Dorothy E Vatner, Junichi Sadoshima and Stephen F Vatner. Type 5 Adenylyl Cyclase Disruption Increases Longevity, Food Intake and Exercise Capacity. The FASEB Journal. 2008;22:831.2.
    • Banke NH, Yan L, Pound KM, Dhar S, Reinhardt H, De Lorenzo MS, Vatner SF, Lewandowski ED. Sexual Dimorphism in cardiac triglyceride dynamics in mice on long-term caloric restriction. J Mol Cell Cardiol, 2011 Dec 3.

      Diseases & Conditions

      • Hypertension
      • Diabetes
      • High Cholesterol
      • Abdominal Pain
      • GERD
      • Diarrhea/Constipation
      • Chest Pain
      • Heart Disease
      • Coughs & Other Respiratory Illnesses
      • Asthma
      • COPD
      • Urinary Tract infections
      • Kidney Stones
      • Headache
      • Extremity Pain
      • Management of Blood Thinners
      • Malaise & Fatigue
      • Arthritis
      • Acne
      • Rashes
      • Anemia
      • Hypo/Hyperthyroid
      • Osteoporosis
      • Nutritional Deficiencies