Vascular Studies

Vascular studies are noninvasive (the skin is not pierced) procedures that are used to evaluate the blood flow in arteries and veins. A microphone like instrument (transducer) is placed on the skin at certain locations and angles, allowing ultrasonic sound waves to move through the skin and other body tissues to the blood vessels, where the waves echo off of the blood cells. These reflected waves are picked up by the transducer and are sent to an amplifier, which makes the ultrasonic sound waves audible.
Here are some of the more common vascular studies that can be performed by Empire Medical:

  • Carotid Ultrasound Exam: Examines the blood flow in the carotid arteries of the neck. Disease of these arteries is a main cause of stroke.
  • Venous Duplex Exam: Studies the blood flow in the veins of the extremities to detect blood clots as well as venous insufficiency.
  • Arterial Doppler Extremity Exam: This is commonly known as a PVR and studies the blood flow as it travels down the arms and legs.
  • Aorta Ultrasound Exam: Studies the main artery in the abdomen to determine the presence of an aneurysm and presence of occlusive disease.

Trans-Cranial Doppler: uses ultrasound technology via a Doppler transducer to study the velocity of blood flow to the brain’s blood vessels. It is used for the diagnosis of brain hemorrhage, blockages in the brain circulatory system and stroke risk. As non-invasive tests, there is generally no preparation required for or after effects experience from the vascular studies performed at Empire Medical.