Stress Test

Stress tests are conducted either via exercise (on a treadmill) or pharmacologically – with medications that mimic the stress on the heart that is caused by exercise.

Stress tests are valuable for examining how well your heart is perfused by its own blood supply through the coronary arteries and if there are any abnormal heart rhythms (dysrhytmias)

Your practitioner may recommend a stress test to determine if you:

  • Have an arrhythmia (an irregular heartbeat or abnormal heart rhythm)
  • Have symptoms that are heart-related (difficulty breathing or chest pain)
  • Are able to exercise (if so, how hard you should exercise)
  • Are able to participate in cardiac rehabilitation
  • Are responding to heart treatment
  • Need additional tests to detect narrowed arteries (such as a coronary angiogram)

How do you prepare for your stress test?

  • Avoid beta-blockers for 24 hours prior to test

How will I feel at the end of the procedure?